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Janis Mattox: Links/Credits

Music for Kids by Kids
Original piano compositions by kids for kids. Plus "Guide for Parents and Teachers". Music education project created by Janis Mattox and funded by the Ross McKee Foundation

GSF Presents
About Good Sound Foundation and its new music technologies—The Enhanced Piano in Just Intonation and GoodSound Virtual Acoustics

The premiere performance and recording of "Solombra" was generously supported by The Ross McKee Foundation, Pacifica Performances, Jim and Audre Larson, Peninsula Community Foundation, The Argosy Foundation, The American Music Center, Meyer Sound Laboratories, The Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation, The Just Intonation Network, Mike Berry, Cynthia and Uzi Broshi, John Grey, Alan Johnson, Deepak and Christina Kamra, Gregory Kuhn, Joanne Marlowe, Mildred Owen, James Schwabacher and Timothy White.

Alfred Owens - Just Intonation piano tuning
Loren Rush - Virtual Acoustics Design

Photo Credits
Home Page - photo of Janis Mattox by Franklin Flocks.
Buy Page - Solombra CD cover photo of Katia Escalera in performance by Michael McGuire.
Photo Page - photo of Katia Escalera by Janis Mattox, photo of Susan Freier and Matthew Edwards by Michael McGuire, photos of Stephen Harrison and Janis Mattox by Franklin Flocks.
Technologies Page - photo of live performance by Michael McGuire.
Bio Page - photo of Janis Mattox by George Marsh.