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Janis Mattox: Listen

TRACK 9. Canto de Luna Llena (Song of the full moon) - Poetry by Claudia Gomez

(Escalera, Edwards, Harrison)
Agua, cristalina, suave, ya se va -
vuela entre las piedras, corre por las cercas,
cae sin parar, sin ver atras.
En mi pecho se oye un lamento,
se siente un canto de luna llena.
Y pienso como agua, serena,
mis suenos, anhelos, poemas.

Van, mis pensamientos como el agua que al pasar
ya no regresa nunca mas.
El sonido de tus aguas es la voz que me alimenta
y calma mi corazon.

Sola estare siempre, camino sin cesar,
melodias de ayer tiempos navegan en mi -
cantan al amor.

Hoy yo sufro, doy luz a mi’existir.

Agua, cristalina suave, ya te va -
pasas por mi vida, dulce, mas esquiva,
donde vas a dar? corres sin parar,
saltas sin cesar, vuelas mas alla.

Water, crystal clear, softly, it’s leaving -
flying among the stones, running through the fences,
falling without stopping, without looking back.

In my heart I hear a lament,
I can feel a song of the full moon.
And I think like water, serene,
my dreams and hopes and poems.

There they go, my thoughts, like water that passes away
never to return.
The sound of water is the voice that feeds me
and calms my heart.

I will always be alone, I walk ceaselessly,
melodies from yesterdays float in me -
they sing to love.
Today I suffer, and I am reborn.
Water, crystal clear, softly, you go away -
passing through my life, sweetly but reserved,
where are you going? jumping without stopping,
running without ceasing, flying beyond.