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Janis Mattox: Technologies

About The Enhanced Piano in Just Intonation and GoodSound Virtual Acoustics

The Enhanced Piano in Just Intonation, developed at Good Sound Foundation’s Skylonda Studio in Woodside, California, is electronically enhanced to increase its perceived resonance, sustaining, coloristic and expressive capabilities. The piano is fitted with a MIDI keyboard interface that controls digital audio synthesizers that project directly onto the underside of the sound board by means of a loudspeaker, providing the pianist with flexible and subtle control.

Just Intonation describes a genre of tuning systems in which the greatest level of consonance and resonance is achieved by tuning intervals to the harmonic series (the natural mode of string vibration). The piano is tuned this way to achieve the emotional power and immediacy of pure tuning and to make a better fit with those orchestral instruments that are naturally tuned in Just Intonation, such as the violin and cello. The enhancement system allows the piano to become more versatile and subtly expressive as a solo instrument and in combination with voice and instruments.

The Enhanced Piano in Just Intonation allows for a more orchestral style of composition, due in part to the extended sustain of the tone and the clarity and variety of the tuning relationships.

GoodSound Virtual Acoustics is software that enhances the acoustics of live and recorded sound. GoodSound software synthesizes idealized room information that provides acoustic perspective, positioning, localization and depth-enhancing detail, imaging, clarity and the natural beauty of voice and instruments.