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Janis Mattox: Reviews


"Solombra contains some of the most inspired song writing in contemporary literature." —Terry Riley, composer/pianist

“Beautiful, breathtaking, addictive, unpretentious and translucent – the spiritual space is vast and seductive.”
—Phil Winsor, composer

"Solombra" is a "Winterreise" for the modern ear - the marriage of modern composition with the timeless voice of grief. The startling musical vocabulary is, somehow, so contemporary and yet so natural that it seems to close a circle leading back to Schubert’s song cycle.
—Paul Trachtman, Smithsonian Magazine writer

“Absolutely gorgeous…Katia is stunning. Congratulations!” —Emily Bezar, singer/keyboardist/songwriter

“Sublimely beautiful with subtle, yet profoundly moving passages.” —John Snell, pianist/music technologist

“I never take it out of the CD plays at every available minute...I am transfixed.” —Linda Montano, Art/Life Institute

“A beautiful composition beautifully performed, and an amazing live recording.” —Sandy Cressman, Cressmanmusic

"Exquisitely ethereal and transporting to other dimensions of reality - dimensions that usually seem to have a thick fog hiding their beauty. Bravo!" —Bonney Grey, dancer/healer

"A stunningly beautiful and powerful work...I was completely blown away!"
—Paul Dresher, composer

"Meticulously crafted - which I think in no small way contributes to the magnetism of the piece. It was as if the players were held together in a force field that never weakened. All the performers were amazing - ensemble playing at its best!"
—Marcia Bauman, composer/pianist

"In an extraordinary capture of the ethereal, Mattox has written a piece of music so of earth and yet not, that there is little for the audience to do but to flow and ebb in the mastery of its sea. It required each musician to be a master technician, formidable in skill yet completely sensitive to an ensemble of grace." —Jean Bartlett, Pacifica Tribune

"You would have to be made of stone not to feel the magic."
—Stephen Hill, Producer, Hearts of Space