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Janis Mattox: CD/DVD

"Solombra" - CD

"Solombra" (SunShadow), composed by Janis Mattox, is a song cycle for soprano Katia Escalera and piano trio (Matthew Edwards-piano, Susan Freier-vioin, Stephen Harrison-cello). Based on Brazilian poetry and sung in Portuguese, "Solombra" is a sorrow-song of lost love as well as a sensual remembrance. "Solombra" features The Enhanced Piano in Just Intonation and GoodSound Virtual Acoustics (see Technologies page). This premiere performance was recorded LIVE at the Sanchez Concert Hall in Pacifica, California in May, 2005.
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"Book of Shadows" - DVD

A video ballet, conceived, scored and directed by Janis Mattox and performed by dancers Marci Javril and Riccardo Morrison. Music performed by Sussan Deyhim-vocals, Dan Kobialka-violin, Jon English-bass, Mel Graves-bass, Tim White-flutes and saxophone, Janis Mattox and Loren Rush-pianos. "This groundbreaking video ballet employs experimental techniques in sound, performance, video and choreography to create a new and moving work. A winner of numerous international awards, "Book of Shadows" explores the many incarnations of the goddess in a mythic landscape." — Milos Stehlik, Facets Multimedia
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